Youth Labour Markets in South West Western Australia: Labour Market Review

Project area: Labour Market Analysis
Sector: Youth Transitions
Client: Department of Education, Science and Training

Miles Morgan examined the current and future skill requirements of the South-West Region as they pertain to young people, in order to determine the effectiveness of education and training pathways in the region.

The study arose from concerns that despite persistent vacancies and skills shortages in the Region, a number of young people were unemployed, or not participating in the labour force at a time of high economic growth and historically low whole-of-population unemployment rates.
The brief sought to examine:

  • the current youth labour market
  • existing training services offered in the region through vocational education and training, schools, public and private training providers
  • current and future skills needs of industries
  • levels of industry engagement with the vocational education and training sector
  • interactions between schools and the South-West Regional College of TAFE and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
  • successful models of partnerships between schools, RTOs and the industry sector
  • preparedness of employers in the South-West to employ, and support the employment of, young people
  • young people’s employment and training preferences and perceived career aspirations
  • actions that will improve the alignment of programs, curriculum, services and activities to meet the current and future needs of industries within the region

The key recommendation of this report was the development and implementation of a “Youth Commitment” for the South-West Region. A youth commitment is a powerful symbolic call to arms, a practical mechanism for bringing together a range of community interests and a tool for developing a sense of sharedresponsibility for the growth and development of all young people.


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