Workforce Development

Miles Morgan has undertaken numerous projects relating to all aspects of workforce development including:

  • Workforce planning
  • Workforce design
  • Human resource management
  • Learning and development – design and delivery

Some examples of projects we have undertaken in Workforce Development are detailed below.

Education and Professional Development Framework: Training, Mentoring, Design and Implementation Strategy

Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Department of Finance (WA)

In 2013 Miles Morgan researched and developed an Education and Professional Development Framework for the Department of Finance’s organisation Building Management and Works (BMW).



Training and Competency Framework: Workplace Training Program Development and Delivery

Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning, Diversity, Equity and Access – Indigenous
Client: Department of Lands (WA)

Miles Morgan designed, led, and implemented the provision of a tailored workplace training and assessment program for the Department of Lands. The training program focused on key knowledge areas critical to the Department’s learning and operational needs in Native Title and relevant legislation for the purposes of the Notice of Intention to Take process.



NOPSEMA Strategic Human Resources Plan

Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority

Miles Morgan worked with senior management at NOPSEMA to develop a Strategic Human Resources Plan as part of the agency’s desire to focus its people management strategy over the next three years.



Boddington Workforce Planning

Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Department of Education and Training (WA)

Miles Morgan developed a workforce plan for the local government authority of the Shire of Boddington. The plan was a key component of Boddington’s long term resourcing strategy as one of nine regional “SuperTowns” nominated under the WA state government’s Royalties for Regions initiative”.



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