Training and Competency Framework: Workplace Training Program Development and Delivery

Project area: Workforce Development
Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Diversity, Equity and Access – Indigenous
Client: Department of Lands (WA)

Miles Morgan designed, led, and implemented the provision of a tailored workplace training and assessment program for the Department of Lands. The training program focused on key knowledge areas critical to the Department’s learning and operational needs in Native Title and relevant legislation for the purposes of the Notice of Intention to Take process.

The Framework was developed in a consultative process building on existing expertise. Its goal was to enhance stakeholder capabilities in sharing knowledge and skills. The following tasks were undertaken:

  • Extensive consultation across Strategic Policy, Operational, and Legal directorates
  • Stakeholder consultations external to the Department
  • Review of training needs scoping
  • Review of new and existing policies guidelines and work instructions
  • Mentoring in training design and delivery
  • Engagement of subject matter experts in Aboriginal cultures, Native Title, relevant legislation, land administration, and process matters
  • Delivery of a modular, activities-based training program to three distinct audiences
  • Delivery of a Competency Framework underpinning training materials
  • Delivery of an Assessment Framework based on endorsed competencies

The Competency and Assessment Framework was endorsed by the Department and staff feedback on the delivery of the training program was excellent. The Department signalled a strong appetite for the development of their training offerings as a result of the success of this program.


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