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MM invited to participate in Efic’s SME Briefing: Transform your business through exporting

The success of Miles Morgan’s work in Saudi  Arabia, in creating and implementing the Kingdom’s national quality framework for career education and development over several years has created a buzz in business circles this year. So much so that Barbara Macnish, our Managing Director, has been asked to be a panellist at the Efic SME Briefing that will be held on 1 March at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The hot topic for the panellist event is how to grow and expand your business through exporting.


The host for the panellist discussion will be Emma Alberici, presenter on ABC1’s Lateline Program.

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The panel features:

Barbara Macnish, Managing Director, Miles Morgan, Australia, which provides research, policy and consultancy services, predominantly to government organisations, domestically and internationally.

Ed Neilan, CEO, Radlink Communications, a leader in radio technology solutions helping businesses keep in touch with their employees and monitor direct operations.

Sheryll Fisher, Managing Director, Outback Initiatives, a provider of experiential learning solutions for change leadership.

Nader El Sayed, CEO, Multiplant Holdings, an engineering and construction business focused on civil works and contract mining.

It looks to be a lively discussion and we can’t wait to hear what the other panelists have to say about their experiences in exporting and how this helped their business to grow.  We, at Miles Morgan, are looking forward to sharing our experiences working in Saudi Arabia.