South Australia Works Career Development Services: Program Review

Project area: Evaluation
Sector: Career Development
Client: Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (SA)

The Review of South Australia Works Career Development Services examined the evolution of career development services across the regions in South Australia. Miles Morgan used a mixed methods approach to assess the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of services against their original policy objectives.

Originally a pilot project in Mount Gambier in 2006, the career development services span the regions to give adults access to career development and labour market information across South Australia.

The Review took the broader state and national skills policy agenda into account in order to provide a nuanced understanding of the impacts of policy frameworks on service provision during the services’ evolution while making recommendations for future planning. The project was undertaken in four phases, which involved:

  • Analysis of raw data
  • Interviews, workshops and telephone consultations
  • Online surveys of two stakeholder groups
  • Report-writing and presentation of findings and recommendations

Given the recent initiative of Skills for All as part of South Australia’s skills agenda, the Review included a suite of recommendations on integrating the current career development system with the new policy environment to help ensure seamless support for all South Australians.


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