Our Services


Our focus is on creating individualised approaches that respond to the specific needs of each project we undertake, and delivering evidence-based, pragmatic recommendations that are tailored to meet client needs.

We use a segmented stakeholder engagement strategy customised for the context of each project to ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness and cultural appropriateness in our collaborations with clients and stakeholders.

Our Services can be broadly defined as

  • Public Policy
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Labour Market Analysis
  • Vocational Profiling
  • Workforce Development

Under Projects, see a listing of sample projects we have undertaken in each of these categories.

Public Policy

We have worked nationally and internationally on the development, analysis and review of major policy frameworks. Almost all our projects require an integrated analysis of the existing research, quantitative outcome and output data, and qualitative data on process and outcome.

We also produce implementation strategies, learning and development resources, guides and assessment tools to facilitate the successful implementation of policy frameworks and goals.

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We have extensive experience in undertaking complex mixed methods based research. Our research experience includes conducting environmental scans, literature reviews and desktop analysis. Methods used include both qualitative and quantitative data information collection, extraction and analysis obtained via large datasets, surveys, focus groups, workshops, consultations conducted face-to-face, by telephone and online, semi-structured open-ended interviews and thematic analyses and discourse analyses.

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Miles Morgan brings a strong theoretical and practical focus to all our evaluation projects to ensure we provide an evidence and outcomes-based evaluation that tests the responsiveness of programs and projects to their intended purpose or outcome. Our approach to evaluation and research design is underpinned by both ethical and intellectual rigour, but also a commitment to achieving useful and actionable results that are responsive to the needs of clients and policymakers. Our membership of the Australian Evaluation Society commits us to meeting the highest standards of ethical evaluation practice.

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Labour Market Analysis

We have undertaken consultation and statistical analysis of labour market and economic data for a wide range of projects, including regional workforce analyses, program evaluations and the development and updating of industry and occupational information for publications such as the Australian government funded Job Guide, the national career information website myfuture, and a national database on para and associate professional occupations.

Each of these projects required a detailed understanding of the nature of the labour market, of the various industry sectors, of occupational categories and descriptions, and the range of data sources available to enable reliable judgements to be made about labour market trends, growth or decline in supply of skills and labour, and issues affecting productivity.

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Vocational Profiling

Our work has been instrumental in the development of national and state based career information resources both online and in print, ensuring the provision of relevant, accurate career information and online tools to users of all ages, independent of the interests of institutions and enterprises.

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Workforce Development

Miles Morgan has undertaken numerous projects relating to all aspects of workforce development including:

  • Workforce planning
  • Workforce design
  • Human resource management
  • Learning and development – design and delivery
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Our focus is on delivering customised, fit for purpose and practical solutions that meet organisational needs.