Public Policy

We have worked nationally and internationally on the development, analysis and review of major policy frameworks. Almost all our projects require an integrated analysis of the existing research, quantitative outcome and output data, and qualitative data on process and outcome.

We also produce implementation strategies, learning and development resources, guides and assessment tools to facilitate the successful implementation of policy frameworks and goals.

Some examples of projects we have undertaken in Public Policy are detailed below.

Engaging Employers in Skills Development and Utilisation

Sector: Vocational Education and Training
Client: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris.
Miles Morgan was one of two Australian organisations commissioned by the OECD to identify an example of best practice in Engaging Employers in Skills Development and Utilisation in Australia and write a case study, as part of a project to support policy and practise across OECD member countries by identifying strategies involving employers in employment and skills programme design.


National Quality Council – contributing to the shaping of a policy framework

Sector: Technical Vocational Education and Training
Client: Australian National Quality Council

Miles Morgan was engaged by the Australian National Quality Council or NQC (now known as the National Skills Standards Council) to undertake a targeted consultation to contribute to the development of a renewed national policy framework for VET Training Products for the 21st Century.



Career Development Framework and National Quality Standards

Sector: Career Development
Client: Government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Miles Morgan was engaged in January 2014 by the Government of Saudi Arabia to develop a national Career Development Framework (CDF) and the quality standards that will govern the profession, service providers and career information products as part of the development of an entire Career Education and Development (CED) ecosystem for that country.



Australia’s Career Development Quality Frameworks

Sector: Career Education
Client: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations; The Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth
Affairs; and Career Industry Council of Australia

Miles Morgan was commissioned to develop quality framework The Australian Blueprint for Career Development (The Blueprint) together with Guiding Principles and Professional Standards associated with the Blueprint.

The Blueprint is Australian’s national framework for career development, used to create, strengthen and evaluate career development programs and products throughout Australia.



Meeting the personal supports needs of students with disabilities in TAFE

Sector: Diversity, Equity and Access
Client: Department of Education and Training (WA)

Miles Morgan developed a policy and implementation strategy to meet the non-educational, high-support needs of students with a disability in TAFEWA (now known as Training WA).



Practice and procedure for declaring vocations and trades

Sector: Education – Vocational Education and Training
Client: Training and Skills Commission (SA)

Miles Morgan reviewed the practice and procedure of declaring occupations as trades or vocations in South Australia, examined the declared vocation system and its relationship with the establishment of apprenticeships and traineeships, and recommended potential improvements to the existing system.



EUPA and PSC Cadetships: Establishing a public sector cadetship program

Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Public Sector Commission (WA)

Miles Morgan conducted research to investigate the feasibility of establishing a public sector cadetship in WA and to develop a plan for implementation.




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