Miles Morgan

Miles Morgan Australia (Miles Morgan) has successfully completed many projects in Australia, at both the national and state/territory level, and overseas that have been critical to advancing significant policy and program agendas since 1997.

We have substantial experience in bringing both major and small projects to fruition, many of which have involved national or international benchmarking to ensure leading edge contemporary outcomes.

We are highly experienced in:

  • Designing, implementing and evaluating large-scale national frameworks including Institutional Review Frameworks, Qualifications Frameworks, Career Development Frameworks and quality standards
  • Providing strategic advice and implementation plans for major sectoral level change processes in education, technical vocational education and training and higher education
  • Working with diverse stakeholder groups in Australia and internationally
  • Research and evaluation on the efficiency and effectiveness of systems, programs and the feasibility of new approaches
  • Using a range of consultation, research and evaluation methodologies
  • Successfully engaging stakeholders in their projects
  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building for clients and stakeholder organisations
  • Delivering high quality products and services that meet and often exceed client expectations

Several of our team have worked in very senior positions in government (at the national and state levels) so have a nuanced understanding of the critical relationship between good public policy and practice.

Whether a project is large or small, delivering the highest quality, customer focused products and services is central to everything we do. A rigorous commitment to strong project management and quality assurance is part of our organisational philosophy.

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