Labour Market Analysis

Project Area: Labour Market Analysis
Sector Career: Education and Development
Client: Major Middle-Eastern Government

As outlined under our Public Policy projects Miles Morgan has been working with a major Middle Eastern government to develop the policy framework and quality standards that will underpin  the design, development and delivery of an entirely new career education and development ‘ecosystem’ in the country.  As an integral part of this project Miles Morgan drew on extensive international and in-country research to prepare a paper on the country’s labour market, in order to provide both the client and ourselves the contextual basis for the broader policy work. The paper addressed the:

  • country’s labour market characteristics including the size, growth, demographic and skill and educational levels of the labour force;
  • major employing industries in the country; and
  • impact of historical and cultural issues on the local labour market including those relating to job stigmatisation, mismatch between supply and demand,
  • attitudinal barriers to employment and the role of those government programmes specifically implemented to address local labour market issues and opportunities.


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