Evaluation of NSW’s Transition to Work program

Project area: Evaluation
Client: NSW Department of Human Services

This large-scale evaluationwas undertaken for the NSW Department of Human Services. Transition to Work (TTW) was a two-year funded program designed to achieve employment for young people with a disability.

The purpose of the program was to provide young people with disability with the skills development, vocational preparation, and support they need to transition from Year 12 to sustainable employment. In short, the intention of the program was that young people would have the necessary skills to get a sustainable job that suited their goals by the end of the program.

It was determined at the inception of the TTW program that its success would be measured by its achievements against the following Key Result Areas – the extent to which young people with a disability:

  • Moved to open or supported employment at the end of their program or their course of study;
  • Performed satisfying and meaningful work consistent with their employment goals;
  • Developed the skills and qualifications necessary for the transition to sustainable employment;
  • Sustained their work and training commitments; and
  • Who are Aboriginal or from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have fair access to support and achieve job outcomes comparable to other young people in the program.

The primary purpose of the evaluation was to examine the results that had been achieved for participants in the TTW program, and to identify the critical factors for success, barriers that limited the achievement of intended results, and any opportunities for further program development. The primary data sources for the evaluation included:

  • A literature review;
  • A series of case studies;
  • An analysis of the outcome data provided by the Department of Human Services;
  • The views of service providers, as gathered through a series of workshops;
  • The views of service users, their parents and/or carers gathered through a series of workshops; and
  • Interviews with other key informants.

The resulting 200+ page report was publicly released and provided a significant number of findings and recommendations.

Government funded vocational education and training institutions.


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