Enterprise Based Workforce Development: Research to Inform a Planning and Development Package

Project area: Research
Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Department of Training and Workforce Development, Western Australia

Miles Morgan undertook research to inform the development of an enterprise based workforce planning and development strategy – an initiative developed under Skilling WA, WA’s workforce development plan.

Miles Morgan was required to identify and evaluate:

  • the workforce planning and development needs of small/medium enterprises;
  • the adequacy of existing workforce planning processes and models, and
  • the best delivery channels for small and medium enterprises.
  • Approach: Data collection methods included:
  • Face to face meetings with CEOS of each of the WA Training Councils with responsibility for developing workforce development plans for their industry sectors.
  • Telephone consultations with the Chairs of WA’s Regional Workforce Development Alliances charged with developing regional workforce development plans for each region of the State.
  • Direct consultations with 30 small to medium enterprises, via the networks of the Small Business Development Centre, the Chamber of Commerce (CCI) and Industry, and a metropolitan based (Midland) Enterprise Centre.
  • Desktop research to identify existing workforce planning and development tools and resources and to determine the extent to which such content might prove useful for the planned package.

The CCI went on to develop the Workplace Essentials for Better Business website launched in July 2013. In August 2013, we received a letter from the Director General of the Department of Training and Workforce Development, Dr Ruth Shean, thanking us for our work on this project.
In scoping this research project for the AWPA, Miles Morgan provided:

  • An outline of key literature and information sources for undertaking a comprehensive desktop literature review;
  • A schedule of key research questions to be answered through a proposed literature review;
  • A schedule of stakeholder organisations across Australia with key knowledge or interest in the development of workforce development tools for small to medium enterprises;
  • A schedule of key research questions the findings of the stakeholder consultations will seek to answer (segmented by stakeholder group).

We received very positive feedback from the agency on our research plan and associated project plan.


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