Education and Professional Development Framework: Training, Mentoring, Design and Implementation Strategy

Project area: Workforce Development
Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Department of Finance (WA)

In 2013 Miles Morgan researched and developed an Education and Professional Development Framework for the Department of Finance’s organisation Building Management and Works (BMW).

BMW manages all non-residential capital works in Western Australia including office accommodation, refurbishments, as well as infrastructure delivery. Miles Morgan developed the Framework for Project Managers and Contract Managers within BMW based on the full suite of existing policies and procedures.

The project included the following deliverables:

  • Identification of subject matters for training and development
  • Development of Foundation Areas (essential areas of knowledge)
  • Identification of Training Methods (incorporating existing organisational offerings and structure)
  • Development of Training Materials (original presentations, case studies, activities, roundtables, masterclasses and seminars for the purposes of training)
  • Development of the Framework (bringing together the above including strategic advice and research findings)
  • Implementation Plan (staged over three development phases)

The Framework enables Project Managers and Contract Managers to access training through a variety of methods. It is seamlessly integrated into the existing offerings at BMW, while providing new offerings and opportunities for new recruits as well as Continuing Professional Development for existing staff.


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