Career Development Framework and National Quality Standards

Project area: Public Policy
Sector: Career Development
Client: Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Miles Morgan was engaged in January 2014 by the Government of Saudi Arabia to develop a national Career Development Framework (CDF) and the quality standards that will govern the profession, service providers and career information products as part of the development of an entire Career Education and Development (CED) ecosystem for that country.

This national quality framework has been developed with reference to the current research base on international best practice in career development and management, but has been shaped and refined by research and consultations undertaken in-country to identify the specific nature of the country’s career context, including issues relating to education and training, employment and the labour market, existing support services, and cultural issues specific to the clients society.

A CDF is the critical policy instrument that identifies the skills and competencies individuals need in order to manage their careers, and upon which career development practitioners and service providers depend for designing and delivering career development resources and services. It is a vital tool for education providers (from primary school through to post-secondary), policy makers, job placement services and other support organisations (e.g. philanthropic/charitable organisations working in the career development field).

We have paid great attention to ensuring that the CDF and the three sets of national standards developed are ‘fit for purpose’ and, as such, there are features in each that are unique to the project framework.

In addition, Miles Morgan has provided a very detailed, evidence based paper that provides governance options for the longer-term management and leadership of the CED ecosystem.


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