Building the Quality of Teaching and Learning in VET: Policy advice paper

Project area: Research
Sector: Education – Vocational Education and Training
Client: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relation

Miles Morgan developed From Technical Expert to Vocational Educator, a report on options for supporting and enhancing the professional practice of vocational educators and trainers. In particular, the report focuses on educators’ and trainers’ ability to meet the current and long-term needs of individual learners.

The report examines:

  • current and historical challenges that have shaped the nature of teaching and learning in the vocational education and training (VET) sector
  • the perceived quality of VET pedagogy
  • methods that have been employed to date to support and enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the VET sector and other educational sectors

Whilst acknowledging that VET teachers’ and trainers’ industry knowledge and capabilities are broader than pedagogical concerns, the report recommends a stronger focus on professional development. Here, consideration of a centre for excellence or modern professional association for vocational teachers could be used to promote excellence in VET teaching practice. Through support services and the promotion of teaching and learning methodologies, such an initiative would enhance the ongoing professional development of VET teachers and trainers.


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