Boddington Workforce Planning

Project area: Workforce Development
Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: The Shire of Boddington (WA)

Miles Morgan developed a workforce plan for the local government authority of the Shire of Boddington. The plan was a key component of Boddington’s long term resourcing strategy as one of nine regional “SuperTowns” nominated under the WA state government’s Royalties for Regions initiative.

The project included:

  • environmental scan and document review
  • stakeholder consultation
  • data collection and analysis designed to explore current workforce structure (including organisation, demographics, attraction, recruitment and retention) and external factors affecting the Boddington workforce
  • strategy development to meet current and future workforce and skills requirements

The workforce plan provided the Shire with practical advice and methods to address workforce supply and/or retention challenges. It included a range of processes to enable the Shire to adapt to fluctuations in population and town growth in the short to medium term.

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