Australia’s Career Development Quality Frameworks

Project area: Policy
Sector: Career Education
Client: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations; The Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs; and Career Industry Council of Australia

Miles Morgan was commissioned to develop quality framework The Australian Blueprint for Career Development (The Blueprint) together with Guiding Principles and Professional Standards associated with the Blueprint.

The Blueprint is Australian’s national framework for career development, used to create, strengthen and evaluate career development programs and products throughout Australia.

Miles Morgan initially developed a draft prototype of The Blueprint in 2004, having commissioned the issues paper Managing Life, Learning, and Work in the 21st Century to inform its design. Following extensive trials during 2006-7, The Blueprint was fully adopted and implemented.
Miles Morgan was responsible for

  • refining The Blueprint and its appendices
  • creating professional development kits
  • compiling adjunct resources based on material from trial participants and other users of The Blueprint

The fundamental principles of The Blueprint underpin the careers services in schools, tertiary education and employment services in many states and territories. It has also been used in private sector organisations as a means of linking organisational and individual goals.
The Guiding Principles is a quality framework designed to provide career development practitioners with a clear and simple set of criteria with which to assess and improve their services or products.
The Guiding Principles are useful for a range of stakeholders in the career development field, including

  • career development service providers
  • professional associations
  • industry associations
  • national and regional industry career advisers
  • recruitment agencies
  • publishers
  • researchers
  • education and training institutions

The Guiding Principles were developed in consultation with the career development industry as well as education, training and employment systems in all states and territories in Australia. Research underpinning the quality framework also included review of comparable international guidelines.
For the development of the Professional Standards, Miles Morgan undertook nationwide consultation with career development practitioners and conducted a workshop with the peak career associations that comprise CICA.
The resultant Professional Standards

  • define the career industry, its membership and its services
  • recognise and specify the diverse skills and knowledge of career development practitioners
  • guide practitioner entry into the industry
  • provide a foundation for designing career development practitioner training
  • provide quality assurance to the public and other stakeholders in the industry
  • confirm an agreed terminology for the industry

In Addition:

To view The Blueprint and its appendices visit The website provides a range of resources, professional development materials
and information to assist in utilising the framework effectively.
Miles Morgan offers a series of professional development workshops, based on The Blueprint, which can help to identify and enhance the skills and
knowledge needed to effectively manage life, learning and work roles.


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