Apprenticeships in the Resources Industry

Project area: Research
Sector: Education – Vocational Education and Training Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Resources Industry Training Council (WA)

Miles Morgan undertook research and consultation to explore the issue of trades training in the resources sector and address a current and predicted shortfall in the numbers of qualified tradespeople required to meet the skills demand of the mining and resources industry in Western Australia.

The project involved collection and analysis of apprenticeship training participation data from the last ten years in order to establish trends in apprenticeship training in the sector and the extent of industry engagement with the trades training system. It also involved an extensive national and international literature review that examined models of trades training reform pursued in recent times, responding to the apparent issue of the non-responsiveness of traditional trades training to the changing needs of industry.

Miles Morgan consulted with a broad range of industry, government and training stakeholders throughout the state thereby gaining their perspectives on the issue of an apparent mismatch between the current trades training system and the skills and labour requirements of enterprises.

The final report of the project was presented to the RITC’s Training Advisory board, and recommended a number of possible measures for improving the interface between industry and the training system, and for increasing the uptake and effectiveness of apprenticeship training within the resources industry sector.


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