Training and Workforce Issues in the Downstream Processing Industries in Western Australia

Project area: Research
Sector: Employment and Workforce Development and Planning
Client: Department of Training and Employment (WA)

This project was commissioned to broaden a State Training Council’s knowledge of the downstream processing and process manufacturing industries as the State pursues downstream processing opportunities. In particular, it sought to assess the skill requirements, against current training provision, of the expanding minerals processing sector

The project also involved:

  • Identifying businesses, industry associations and training providers operating in these sectors and facilitating discussing with them about their perceptions of the training and workforce issues facing their industries.
  • Examining developments in a number of regions of the State, including the Pilbara, Midwest, South West and Eastern Goldfields.

Miles Morgan determined that there was very little training provision from the public VET system which was targeted to the needs of this sector, and many companies turned to private training providers to meet their skill requirements. A range of new combinations of skills was identified as having the potential to improve productivity, and potential training provision to meet those needs was quantified. A series of strategies were recommended for both government and industry to pursue collaboratively in achieving the desired skill outcomes.


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